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Build an Electric Vehicle: A Beginner’s Course

Welcome to the course “Build an Electric Vehicle: A Beginner’s Course”. Here you will learn all the basics of electric vehicle technology. But in addition to learning these basics, you will also apply them to building an electric vehicle. So this course will provide a unique experience by combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning. For hands-on learning, we will develop an electric two-wheeler named Dhruva. The hands-on approaches that you learn here for building this electric two-wheeler can be extended and applied to a passenger car with small modifications.

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EV – Vehicle Dynamics and Electric Motor Drives

This course will be a first level course on electric vehicle. Students will be able to understand the operation of battery driven electric vehicle. The course will start with introduction section which will enable the students to understand the focus areas that come under the umbrella of electric vehicles. Then the course will start covering this focus areas one by one such as vehicle dynamics, Motors, Power Electronics, PWM, Control etc.

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This learning content is designed to increase literacy on Electric vehicles and their charging mechanisms, this module helps in understanding in depth learnings on Electric vehicle supply equipment and gives insights on installation processes of EVSE.

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